Jim Bates

Our mission together should be to help students reach their goals in an environment committed to learning, safety, community, and fun. As educators, we believe strongly in an excellent education. That is why we are continually learning more about children and how they learn. We also know the best possible education for a child involves partnerships with parents, so we ask you to take an active role in your child’s education and help us maintain open communication between home and school. We take learning and safety seriously and believe that students can reach high expectations. We expect students to be active in their own learning and responsible for their behavior. We recognize students for achieving high standards and are there to assist others who have difficulty. Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever questions arise. Please consider the following roles and responsibilities. Let us work together on some very important topics. Meet the needs of all learners.Be positive role models. Hold students to high academic standards.
Hold students to high behavioral standards. Communicate with families. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be safe. Have fun. Set goals. Work hard. Support school rules and policies. Support staff. Be consistent. Have high expectations. Read to your child. Have your child attend regularly.